Southgate University is a legal and legitimate higher education institution (HEI) established under the Namibia Close Corporations Act 1988, to undertake the advancement of intellectual capacity and new knowledge development of interested learners, using both conventional and cutting-edge multimedia platforms driven by modern technology. Our University is a 21st-century institution with a focus on higher education beyond national borders. The University was founded for the empowerment of the frontiers effective knowledge through the active deployment of emerging technologies in the advancement of the global knowledge economy.

The founding members of our university are all academics with in-depth technical and administrative know-how in their areas of comparative competencies and most especially, in conventional and non-conventional teaching techniques, research, and higher education administration. They are drawn from various universities across the globe and bring with them deep knowledge and expertise in university administration, course content and learning curriculum development, teaching pedagogies, research ethics, and many other interpersonal skills and resources that are appropriate to a modern forward-looking conventional and distance learning university.

In furtherance of our core mandates as a specialized higher education provider, Southgate University is positioned to recognize the inherent untapped intellectual repositories in our students and guide them into the development of these natural human contents, while instilling in them, the culture of continuous learning for self-advancement in dynamic work environments. Our programs are administered from our global/ regional training facilities and coordinated from our international administrative campus in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In view of the foregoing, you are welcome to our institution of ‘excellence through hard work as you begin your journey with us into a greatly rewarding future, powered by self-determination and drive to be the best in your chosen endeavor.

Congratulations on this great decision!



Southgate University